UK Music Survey Reveals Major Gains in Gender and Ethnic Diversity for 2024

The representation of women and ethnic diversity within the music industry has improved according to the UK Music Diversity Survey 2024.

Women are now landing themselves more senior positions; an 8.3% rise has been noted this year. Overall, 53.8% of participants in the survey identified themselves as women. This proves a wider inclusion in various roles across the music industry. The increase is also notable among younger Black, Asian, and ethnically diverse individuals.

Chair of UK Music’s Diversity Taskforce, Ammo Talwar MBE, commented on the new data:

“We have seen steady progress on increasing diversity across the music industry since we launched this survey in 2016, with further significant improvements year on year. That’s down to some of the brilliant initiatives in the sector that are driving change and those organisations that have led the way with integrity and transparency. However, there is still loads more to do – and we need the next Government to be fast and fearless when it comes to working with us to tear down the remaining barriers.”

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Top Tips For Working In The Music Industry
Top Tips For Working In The Music Industry


Having genuine passion for what you do and always remembering the reasons that inspired you to start is key. Why? Because this motivation will guide you forward. Also, it will help you if you come across any industry challenges or setbacks.


Networking is without a doubt one of the most crucial points when aiming to have a long-term career in the music business. Moreover, building relationships can lead to fresh opportunities and collabs. Therefore, make an effort to engage with others in the industry and cultivate relationships with the right people.

Team Up With Others

Partnering with people who share your vision can really boost your growth. By connecting with suitable professionals and collaborating, you can take leverage their skills, especially in areas where you might have less experience. As you would expect, this way of working often leads to creating much more impact.

Educate Yourself

Due to technological advancements and new preferences by the consumer, the music industry is always changing. Therefore, you must strive to remain relevant and competitive in your field. How can you do this? Keep your skills and knowledge up to date through ongoing study.

Paul McCartney
High Demand For Paul McCartney Causes Ticket Frenzy

Manchester’s Co-op Live has alerted fans vying for tickets to Paul McCartney’s highly anticipated “Got Back” tour, which has seen an overwhelming demand since pre-sale access began.

Earlier this week, McCartney, 82, unveiled plans for his world tour, featuring a series of UK shows in December 2024. This tour will be his first live performances in the UK since his Glastonbury headline set in 2022. Scheduled performances include dates at Manchester’s Co-op Live on December 14 and 15, and London’s The O2 on December 18 and 19. It will be McCartney’s first Manchester appearance since 2011.

Tickets will be available for general sale this Friday, but fans were eager to snag pre-sale tickets starting Wednesday morning (June 19), offered exclusively to Co-op and O2 Priority members. The surge in demand has led to a challenging ticket-buying experience for many.

Sharing their frustration, one fan said, “Was finally in a queue, got to the front for a blue circle to keep going around now at the back of a queue again of 14 thousand or so.”

Co-op Live has advised fans to remain patient and prepared for potential delays or difficulties as tickets continue to sell quickly.

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Photo credit: Jimmy Baikovicius.

Live Nation and Ticketmaster Face $5 Billion Class Action Lawsuit

Music industry giants, Live Nation and Ticketmaster have been stung by a $5 billion consumer class lawsuit. It comes after the US justice department lawsuit which is aimed at disband the powerful conglomerate.

This landmark lawsuit represents the first direct legal challenge for Live Nation and Ticketmaster after the DOJ’s striking move to try to split up the two entities. Millions of plaintiffs are seeking damages and they allege that Live Nation’s monopolistic setup has severely affected competition within the live events space.

The consumer class action and the DOJ are both accusing Live Nation of wielding its immense market power to stifle competitors. Also, coercing venues into exclusive deals with Ticketmaster. This behavior, as outlined in the legal filings, has in their eyes squeezed out rivals and deprived consumers of fair competition and choice.

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Google Unveils Music AI Sandbox at Google I/O 2024

Google I/O 2024 is in full swing, and this year’s event is showcasing an array of cutting-edge generative media models and tools. Among the highlights is the unveiling of the Music AI Sandbox, sparking discussions about its potential impact on businesses that license sound to creators.

Teaming up with YouTube and a lineup of notable artists, songwriters, and producers, Google has unearth the Music AI Sandbox. This platform of music AI tools plans to create a new definition for creativity by providing users with the ability to craft instrumental sections from scratch, great right? Industry big wigs such as Wyclef Jean, Justin Tranter, and Marc Rebillet have already taken the leap, revealing new demo recordings on their YouTube channels that were put together with the assistance of Google’s music AI tools.

Accompanying the excitement of the demo reveal is a crucial message emphasizing responsibility in the deployment of new AI technology. Google makes a point of its commitment to working closely with the creative community. Also, external stakeholders to ensure the safe and responsible utilization of these innovations.

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Anything Is Possible In The Music Industry
Anything Is Possible In The Music Industry

Limitless Creativity

When it comes to musical innovation, there are no limits. It is a kind of art that transcends barriers of language, culture, and other kinds. Because of this, every artist in our profession has the chance to experiment with new ideas. There are no restrictions on what you can do as an artist. You are able to write your own rules. On this journey, there is no end to the innovation. Thus, allow your imagination to run wild and flourish. Let your music also lead the way for you and the music industry.

Global Reach

Given that we can now all connect and communicate much easier, it has mean that we can reach a global audience much quicker. People around the world can view and interact with your work, ideas, and abilities with just a few clicks. The internet is a platform unlike no other and people that were formerly limited to local communities now have much more say! By use of social media, streaming services, or personal websites, the internet enables artists to present their work to a wide and varied audience, establishing relationships and starting discussions that cut over conventional boundaries. The internet, in this digital era, is a stimulant for international cooperation, creativity, and cross-cultural interaction that enhances the human experience in ways never before possible.


Collaboration in the modern music industry is a way in which you can blend your skills and views with others all around the world. By coming together, collaboration unlocks new areas of possibility, enabling all to explore more than ever before! Through this unique world of ideas, collaborators can amplify their noise, creating a synergy which creates an impact! With this pathway, collaboration becomes more than just coming together to create better music, but it allows for growth, learning, and mutual inspiration.


Music is unique given that the melodies and lyrics it creates, possesses an ability to make an imprint upon all areas of our society. So much so, it can leave a mark that lasts for generations. The stunning rhythms and ear-pleasing harmonies that music creates have the power to push outside of the box, reach new cultures, and languages, igniting tales of raw emotion and experience. Music can also fuel creativity in rising musicians, bolstering new forms of inspiration that fuels a new era of expression.

Olivia Rodrigo
Olivia Rodrigo Fans Await New Dates for Manchester Co-op Live Shows

The uncertainty among Olivia Rodrigo’s fans remains tangible as they eagerly await updates on the rescheduled dates for her two major Manchester Co-op Live shows. Originally planned for May 3 and 4, these performances were postponed just 48 hours prior, citing technological challenges at the new venue.

The pause arose due to issues encountered during Co-op Live’s planned inaugural event featuring A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie on the 1st of May. Since, Olivia’s supporters have been eagerly awaiting updates on the destiny of her Manchester shows, while the American popstar continues her UK tour, currently pinnacling at London’s O2 Arena before heading out across Europe.

This week marked a significant milestone for Co-op Live as it finally opened its doors to the public. The opening concert, headlined by Greater Manchester band Elbow, successfully inaugurated the venue, laying down the foundations for a lineup of highly anticipated acts. Among these are the Black Keys on Wednesday, Eric Clapton on Saturday, and Barry Manilow on Sunday.

Tim Leiweke, the head of Co-op Live, shared insights with the M.E.N. regarding the venue’s future plans, including the rescheduling of Olivia Rodrigo’s much-awaited performances. As fans hold their breath in anticipation, the music world remains captivated by the unfolding developments surrounding these eagerly awaited shows.

Photo credit: The Walt Disney Company.

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How To Make A Bigger Impact With Your Music
How To Make A Bigger Impact With Your Music

Location-Based Exclusives

Offering exclusive content or gifting access to events connected to specific locations can enormously improve engagement and encourage a sense of belonging among your fanbase. By providing unique experiences or knowledge limited to particular places, you create a sense of exclusivity and value for your community. Whether it’s behind-the-scenes tours, localized workshops, or exclusive online content tailored to certain regions, such offerings heighten the connection between your brand and its followers, promoting loyalty. Moreover, tying events or content to particular locations adds an aspect of excitement and suspense, making each interaction with your brand a unique and meaningful experience.

Audio Postcards

Sending out short audio snippets or personalized messages to your mailing list or fan club is a fantastic way to establish a deeper connection with your audience. These audio messages can add a personal touch that resonates with your followers, making them feel valued and appreciated. Whether it’s a quick update, a thank-you note, or a sneak peek into upcoming projects, the intimacy of audio can convey emotions and sincerity in ways that written text sometimes cannot. By incorporating this approach into your communication strategy, you humanize your brand, fostering stronger relationships and increasing engagement with your community.

Musical QR Codes

Incorporating QR codes into your artwork or promotional materials that lead to hidden tracks is a creative way to engage your audience and add an element of discovery to your content. By strategically placing these QR codes within your artwork or promotional materials, you invite fans to explore and uncover additional layers of your work. This not only enhances the overall experience for your audience but also encourages them to interact more deeply with your brand. Whether it’s exclusive music tracks, behind-the-scenes footage, or special content, the use of QR codes adds a sense of intrigue and excitement, turning passive consumers into active participants in your creative journey.


Launching creative challenges or contests related to your music, such as remix competitions, is an excellent way to engage your audience and foster a sense of community around your work. By inviting fans to participate in remixing your tracks or creating original content inspired by your music, you empower them to express their creativity and connect with your art on a deeper level. These challenges not only provide an outlet for fan expression but also generate buzz and excitement around your brand, attracting new listeners and increasing engagement across social media platforms. Additionally, offering prizes or recognition for the best submissions incentivizes participation and rewards the talent and dedication of your fan base, strengthening their loyalty to your music.

Spotify Reveals Record £750 Million in Artist Royalties for 2023

In a groundbreaking revelation, Spotify has disclosed that artists reaped a staggering £750 million in royalties throughout 2023, marking a remarkable milestone in the music streaming landscape. This figure stands as a testament to the platform’s exponential growth, more than doubling the earnings recorded in 2017.

The disclosed sum encompasses royalties distributed among various stakeholders in the UK, including artists, songwriters, and labels, underscoring Spotify’s commitment to transparency through its Loud & Clear platform.

In a remarkable surge, close to 1,000 UK artists amassed a minimum of £100,000 in royalties from Spotify alone, a figure that has doubled since 2017. Equally noteworthy is the revelation that the number of UK artists earning in excess of £10,000 and £50,000 from Spotify streams has also doubled within the same timeframe.

A staggering 75% of the royalties generated by British artists on Spotify in 2023 originated from listeners beyond the UK’s borders, highlighting the platform’s global reach and its pivotal role in amplifying UK talent on an international scale.

Furthermore, independent artists and labels made substantial strides in the streaming arena, accounting for over 40% of the total royalties generated by UK artists on Spotify in 2023. This statistic echoes Spotify’s earlier global data, which unveiled the independent sector’s significant contribution, amounting to $4.5 billion of the $9 billion payout in 2023.

Safiya Lambie-Knight, Spotify’s Head of Music for the UK and Ireland, lauded these achievements, remarking, “This year’s Loud & Clear data showcases the unprecedented financial opportunities streaming affords to UK artists, facilitating a paradigm shift in the music industry’s landscape.”

Lambie-Knight further emphasized the transformative impact of streaming in dismantling barriers to entry and democratizing access to music on a global scale. She added, “The surge in royalties earned by UK artists from international listeners underscores the power of streaming platforms like Spotify in fostering cross-cultural connections and amplifying diverse voices.”

As Spotify continues to spearhead innovative strategies to empower artists and nurture their growth, the profound impact of streaming on the music ecosystem becomes increasingly evident. With three-quarters of royalties emanating from a global audience, the platform remains instrumental in propelling UK talent to unprecedented heights of success and recognition on the world stage.

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Perseverance: Succeeding in the Music Industry
Perseverance: Succeeding in the Music Industry

In the music industry, where talent is abundant and competition fierce, one quality stands out as the ultimate key to success: perseverance. It’s the unwavering commitment to one’s craft, the resilience to overcome obstacles, and the determination to keep moving forward despite setbacks. For anyone aspiring to make their mark in this dynamic realm, understanding the power of perseverance is paramount.

In the music industry, success rarely comes overnight. Behind every chart-topping hit or sold-out concert lies a story of countless hours of practice, rejection, and relentless dedication. From struggling to find gigs to facing criticism, aspiring musicians often encounter numerous hurdles along their journey. However, those who refuse to succumb to despair and instead choose to persevere are the ones who ultimately break through.

Take the legendary band, The Beatles, for example. Before they became icons of the industry, they faced rejection from multiple record labels. Yet, they persisted, honing their skills and refining their sound until they finally secured their breakthrough. Their story serves as a testament to the transformative power of perseverance.

In today’s digital age, aspiring musicians have access to a myriad of platforms to showcase their talent. However, the path to success remains fraught with challenges. From navigating the complexities of the streaming landscape to building a loyal fanbase, emerging artists must navigate a maze of obstacles. Yet, amidst the chaos, those who remain steadfast in their pursuit of greatness are the ones who ultimately emerge victorious.

Ultimately, success in the music industry is not reserved for the most talented or well-connected but rather for those who are willing to persevere and stay committed to their dreams. So, to all the aspiring musicians out there, remember this: no matter how tough the journey may seem, keep pushing forward, for the sweet melody of success awaits those who refuse to give up.

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