Project Management

Manage your projects with ease.

VELCOA Project Manager


Manage unlimited projects

  • Create and manage an unlimited number of projects.

Project list section

  • View all of your projects at once, monitoring each project’s task and goal count. Also, view the percentage progress of your project workflow and see the project’s deadline date as a countdown of days.  

Project overview

  • Gain a snapshot of progress showing the projects’ workflow progress, task and goal completion. Also, view a timeline of project activities in a colour coded, easy to read chart. Additionally, view the overall project finances including budget, expenses, available spend, total income and profit. 

Project goals

  • Create, track and set deadlines for your project goals. Click into them to break them down into manageable chunks. 

Project timeline

  • Add new project activities to your timeline with start and end dates. Also, customize their colours to make them stand out in your timeline section. 

Project tasks

  • Create tasks specific to your project and tick them off when complete. Click into them to add task details and sub-tasks. 

Project workflows

  • Create custom workflow checklists which you can use again on other projects. Workflow checklists are great to keep on top and keep a track of where you are with your project. Also, if you have set processes which you do often, then it provides an easy way to check each part off as you progress, providing an overview of completion.

Project financials

  • Keep your project finances in order by allocating a project budget. Add in expenses and income amounts when required and gain a clear snapshot of the total amount of money you have available to spent as well as your total profit. 

Project Notes

  • Store and add in project ideas and notes in a safe notes section of your project.