Marketing Campaign Management

Succeed with your marketing.

VELCOA Campaign Manager


Create and manage unlimited campaigns.

  • Stay in control of every marketing/ promotion campaign. 

View all of your campaigns easily.

  • View vital data from all of your campaigns in one centralized screen. 

View completed campaigns.

  • Delve back into the archives for referencing. 

Campaign overview.

  • View the completion percentage of all of your active checklists, tasks and goals. Also, visibly see your campaign timeline with colour-coded items as well as an overview of your campaign finances. 

Campaign goals.

  • Create goals for your campaign and set deadline dates. Also, break down your goals from within the goal breakdown section. 

Campaign strategy.

  • Use VELCOA’s built-in strategy tool to put together a campaign strategy, simply just fill in the blanks. 

Campaign timeline.

  • Add activities into your campaign timeline and colour-code them for easy reference setting the dates when you will plan to work on various aspects of your campaign. 

Campaign tasks.

  • Add tasks which you must complete within the campaign. 

Campaign checklists.

  • Create checklists which you can use again for future campaigns. Activate the checklists from within the checklist section and tick off items as you progress, VELCOA will keep an eye on your progress and provide you with this data. 

Campaign financials.

  • Keep on top of your campaign finances by adding a campaign budget, make a record of expenses and income. Also, view your available spend and your total campaign profit. 

Campaign notes.

  • Add and store notes relating to your campaign.