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Turbocharge your music career with our all-in-one software. Effortless navigation, seamless release management, and precise planning. From tracking finances to exclusive industry insights, VELCOA accelerates your journey to success.”

Key Features

User-Friendly Dashboard

User-Friendly Dashboard​
  • Unlock Industry Growth
    Experience a unique dashboard crafted to propel your music career forward.
  • Seamless Integration
    Navigate an easy-to-use interface integrating releases, tasks, goals, and productivity scores.
  • Complete Overview
    Get a comprehensive picture within a cohesive screen.
  • Access to Insights
    Gain instant access to vital data, offering valuable insights into your progress.
  • Confident Decision-Making
    Make informed decisions confidently with real-time information at your fingertips.
User-Friendly Dashboard​
Release Management

Release Management

Release Management
  • Custom Release Manager
    Access your personalised release manager—an essential tool transforming how you release, plan, and grow your music.
  • Enhanced Control
    Have control over your releases with industry-leading planning tools.
  • Custom Checklists
    Create custom checklists tailored to your workflow or use our default workflows.
  • Management
    Easily create tasks, set goals, and monitor progress within your dedicated Release Manager.
  • Comprehensive Planning
    Ensure every aspect of your release is meticulously planned, from conception to the final product.

Task Management

Task Management
  • Unlimited Task Creation
    Create an unlimited number of tasks tailored to your needs, encompassing work, music career, home life, and beyond. 
  • Customisable Deadlines
    Set custom deadlines for each task, allowing for efficient time management and organisation.
  • Mark as Complete
    Achieve a sense of accomplishment by marking tasks as complete, tracking your progress with every success.
  • Detailed Task Exploration
    Dive deeper into each task by adding notes and subtasks, ensuring every detail is captured and managed.
  • Clutter-Free Workspace
    Experience the freedom to delete completed tasks, keeping your workspace tidy and focused on future endeavours.
Task Management
Goals Suite

Goals Suite

Goals Suite
  • Unlimited Goal Creation
    Create an unlimited number of goals tailored to your daily, short-term, and long-term aspirations, as well as specific release goals.
  • Deadline Setting
    Instill purpose and structure by setting deadlines for each goal, ensuring a clear path to success.
  • Goal Breakdown
    Break down each goal into manageable steps, providing a roadmap to achievement.
  • Progress Tracking
    Track your progress, celebrating reached goals and unlocking new milestones on your journey to success.
  • Goal Deletion
    Experience the satisfaction of deleting goals that no longer align with your aspirations, maintaining a streamlined and focused path.


  • Industry-Leading Courses
    Access carefully crafted courses designed for continuous growth in the music industry.
  • Progress Tracking
    Mark lessons and courses as complete and easily track your progress, witnessing your growth in real-time.
  • Exclusive Knowledge
    Gain unique and exclusive knowledge not available anywhere else, giving you a distinctive advantage.
  • Continuous Learning
    Stay ahead with new courses regularly added, ensuring your journey is one of continuous growth.
  • Competitive Edge
    Acquire insights that set you apart, keeping you at the forefront of industry trends and best practices.


  • Dedicated Assistance
    Reach out to our dedicated support team for any questions or assistance related to Velcoa or the music industry.
  • User Guides
    Access comprehensive user guides to help you make the most of Velcoa’s features.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
    Find quick answers to common queries in our regularly updated FAQs section.

How Does VELCOA Work?

1. Become a Member

Sign up and become a Velcoa member. It's quick, easy, and the first step to unlocking a world of opportunities in the music industry.

2. Sign In

Access your personalized Velcoa dashboard by signing in with your unique username and password. Your dashboard is the central hub where you'll manage your releases, tasks, goals, and access exclusive courses.

3. Explore

Dive into the diverse features of Velcoa, including an intuitive dashboard, powerful release manager, goal-setting tools, and industry-leading courses. Tailor your experience to your unique needs and watch as Velcoa becomes your indispensable companion in your music journey.

4. Fulfill Your Potential

Utilize Velcoa's suite of tools and resources to propel your growth in the music industry. From organizing releases to setting and achieving goals, Velcoa is designed to empower you at every step of your musical endeavors.

Member Success Stories

Michelle G.

"I got asked to write a little bit about Velcoa, so here goes. I landed on the site after Googling something along the lines of how to grow in the music industry and I signed up pretty much straight away. It was the best thing I did. I discovered way more than I was expecting. I come back daily and the platform helps me massively! I am already seeing positive growth in my career.

Toby H.

"Glad to be a member, the monthly investment is not a lot considering the amount of value I get. I am learning stuff which is unavailable elsewhere which is good too because I was worried a lot of it may be on Youtube and other sites, but its all original and thought-provoking material which is essential for growth in this industry. Also, the release manager is amazing!"


Unlock the full potential of your music career by becoming a Velcoa member today. 

For just $39 per month (cancel anytime), you gain access to a suite of powerful tools designed to propel your growth in the music industry. 

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