Contact Management

Your contacts are key.

VELCOA Contact Manager


Store all of your contacts. 

  • Maintain a clear record of all your contacts.  

Create contact lists.

  • Create contact lists appropriate for each contact. 

Create contact folders.

  • Create unique folders where you can store all of your contact lists. 

Advanced contact search.

  • Find contacts easily using an advanced search tool. 

Build custom contact lists.

  • Search your existing contacts and select the ones you wish to add into a new custom list. This is ideal for when you want to make specific lists. 

Import contact lists.

  • Use the VELCOA import tool to import your own contacts and lists into your contact manager. 

Export contact lists. 

  • Export your contact lists easily into CSV documents. 

Drag and drop lists and folders.

  • Move your lists and folders around easily using drag and drop.