Goal Tracker

Reach more goals.

VELCOA Goal Tracker


Create daily goals

  • Add goals you plan to reach today.

Create short-term goals

  • Add goals which you plan to achieve within the next 6 months. 

Create long-term goals

  • Add goals which you plan to achieve beyond 6 months. 

View and manage all goals

  • View and manage all of your daily, short-term, long-term, campaign and project goals in one screen. 

Add deadlines

  • Add deadlines to your goals. VELCOA will automatically calculate and display the total number of days until your goal must be reached. 

Break down your goals

  • Break you goals down into management chunks. 

Mark goals as reached

  • Mark a goal as reached once you reach it. 

View all reached goals

  • View every goal you have reached.