Music Promotion Software

Music Promotion Software

Are you a music promoter or musician looking for betters ways to manage your music promotion? If so, we have you covered! VELCOA – music promotion software meticulously designed to empower you in achieving your goals. Moreover, our comprehensive suite of features will streamline your workflow, enhance productivity, and unlock the full potential of your music.

Music Promotion Software

Release Management

With VELCOA’s state-of-the-art Release Manager, you have the power to plan and execute your music releases with precision. Additionally, create detailed checklists, set timelines, and make important notes to ensure a flawless release. Also, keep track of your finances effortlessly and set tasks and goals to stay organized and focused on your music.

Tasks and Goals Feature

Stay on top of your game with VELCOA’s dedicated Tasks and Goals feature. Break down your tasks, set daily objectives, and outline short-term and long-term goals. Moreover, whether it’s daily practice routines, short-term project milestones, or long-term career aspirations, VELCOA empowers you to track your progress and achieve success on your terms.

Project Management

Beyond music releases, VELCOA understands that music professionals engage in various projects. Furthermore, our Project Manager allows you to efficiently organize and manage diverse projects, ensuring that every aspect of your career receives the attention it deserves.

Music Promotion Software

Industry-Leading Direction

Knowledge is power, and at VELCOA, we equip our members with the industry insights they need. Our industry-leading masterclass offers in-depth guides covering every facet of the music industry. Moreover, stay ahead of the curve with expert advice, strategies, and tips that will propel your career forward.

Notes Feature

Creativity has no bounds, and with VELCOA’s Notes feature, you can capture every idea, create lists, and organize sublists effortlessly. Whether it’s lyrics, production ideas, or marketing strategies, our platform ensures that your creativity is never limited.


In a fast-paced and competitive industry, VELCOA stands out as the ultimate music promotion software, providing a holistic approach to your success.

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