What They Don’t Teach You At College About Music
What They Don’t Teach You At College About Music

Here we reveal what they don’t teach you at college about music.


The college experience often centers around honing one’s skills in a primary instrument or area of study. However, the dynamic landscape of the music industry places a premium on versatility. To thrive in this ever-evolving field, aspiring musicians should actively embrace a diverse skill set. Aiming beyond the confines of a singular genre or instrument, and delving into various musical realms, proves essential for staying relevant and marketable. Equipping oneself with a broad understanding of different musical genres, mastering multiple instruments, and grasping various production techniques not only enhances artistic expression but also opens doors to a multitude of opportunities within the dynamic and competitive music industry.

Financial Literacy

In the journey of pursuing a career in music, the significance of financial literacy is frequently underestimated within traditional music education. Beyond mastering musical skills, understanding the intricacies of managing finances is paramount for sustaining a successful music career. Delving into areas such as budgeting, tax implications, and royalty structures is essential for navigating the complex financial landscape inherent in the music industry. By equipping oneself with this financial knowledge, musicians can establish a solid foundation for long-term success, ensuring they make informed decisions and effectively manage their financial resources throughout their musical endeavors.

Emotional Resilience

Embarking on a career in music is a journey laden with challenges, and the inevitability of rejection is an integral aspect of this pursuit. Cultivating emotional resilience becomes a crucial skill for musicians, enabling them to navigate the often tumultuous terrain of setbacks, criticism, and the unpredictable highs and lows of the industry. In the face of rejection, it is essential to view each experience as a learning opportunity, allowing for personal and artistic growth. Developing a resilient mindset not only fortifies individuals against the emotional toll of setbacks but also empowers them to persevere, evolve, and ultimately thrive in an industry known for its inherent challenges.

Personal Brand

While college education frequently emphasizes the technical facets of music, the parallel importance of constructing a distinctive personal brand is often underestimated. Beyond mastering musical techniques, aspiring musicians must recognize and embrace their unique qualities to establish a compelling personal brand. Identifying what sets them apart and understanding how to market those distinctive features becomes instrumental in forging a lasting impact in the competitive music landscape. By honing in on individual strengths, musicians not only distinguish themselves but also cultivate a genuine connection with their audience. Learning the art of effective self-promotion is an essential complement to technical expertise, providing the foundation for a successful and enduring presence in the ever-evolving world of music.

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