Project Management For Artists

You are likely seeking project management for artists? You have come to the right place. Moreover, do you have the creative juices flowing, but no project management tool which will enable you to turn your ideas into reality? That is where we come in here at VELCOA. Our software is a work management tool exclusive for creatives like yourself. As a result, you will discover features and tools which you likely will not be able to locate anyplace else, especially the work management tools which are not primarily for the creative industry.

Project Management For Artists

VELCOA Makes It Easy To Manage Your Creative Projects

There are so many potential types of creative projects, but one thing is true for all of them, they can all be managed using VELCOA’s project manager tool. It is a tool which has been built by creatives, hence why the tools available will match your every need.


Overview – Your overview section provides you with a clear view of your current project position including progress and more.

Goal tracker – Set and track all of your project goals, after all without a goal, where are you heading?

Timeline – Every project needs a strategic path forward. Utilise your timeline section to add activities and colour code them for easy reference.

Tasks – Add tasks and tick them off as you complete them.

Workflows – Create custom project workflow checklists, check items off as you progress and use your workflows again for future projects.

Financials – Without proper financial management, your project can soon start burning through cash. Instead, keep an eye on your budget, expenses, profit and more!

Notes – Store all of your project notes securely.

More Than Just Project Management

VELCOA is more than just project management for artists. It is software which provides you will tools such as task management, goal tracking, campaign management, note taking and the list goes on! You are likely now eager to find out what else VELCOA has in store for you? Click here for more information.