PR Software For The Music Industry

PR Management Software For The Music Industry

Unlock unprecedented efficiency with VELCOA’s leading PR software for the music industry. Manage releases, track campaigns, create custom workflows, record finances, set budgets and so much more! Also, elevate your strategy and learn from other industry experts.

PR Software For The Music Industry

PR Software for Music Industry Professionals – VELCOA

Are you a music industry professional seeking to revolutionize your PR campaigns? Look no further! VELCOA presents an all-in-one productivity platform tailored specifically for professionals like you.


Release Management

Stay on top of your game with VELCOA’s intuitive release management tools. Track, plan, and execute your releases effortlessly, ensuring that every release gets the attention it deserves.

Custom Checklists and Workflows

Create personalized checklists and workflows to streamline your processes. Also, mark tasks as complete, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks. Stay organized and in control of your PR activities.

Financial Tracking and Budgeting

Take charge of your finances with VELCOA’s built-in income and expense tracking features. Moreover, set budgets, make informed financial decisions, and keep your PR efforts financially sound.

Notes and Documentation

Jot down important notes, observations, and insights directly within VELCOA. Additionally, keep a comprehensive record of your PR activities, making it easy to track progress and make data-driven decisions.

PR Software For The Music Industry

Task Lists and Goals

Leverage VELCOA’s task list feature to create, manage, and prioritize your daily tasks. Also, set achievable goals and monitor your progress, ensuring that you are always moving towards success.


Gain instant access to VELCOA’S Masterclass and elevate your PR strategies to new heights.

Start Your PR Revolution Today!

Don’t let the complexities of music industry PR slow you down. Moreover, VELCOA empowers you to take control, stay organized, and achieve unprecedented success in your campaigns. Join the community of forward-thinking professionals who have already embraced VELCOA’s PR software.

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