Music Industry

Music Industry

Are you a musician or music professional looking to boost your productivity and excel in the dynamic world of the music industry? Look no further than VELCOA, your leading music industry productivity platform! Our comprehensive set of features is designed to empower musicians and industry professionals on their journey to success.

Music Industry

Release Manager

At VELCOA, we understand the importance of a well-planned release. Moreover, our Release Manager feature allows users to meticulously plan their releases, create detailed checklists, set timelines, and even track finances associated with each release. Also, make notes, set tasks, and achieve your musical milestones seamlessly with VELCOA.

Tasks and Goals

Stay on top of your tasks and goals with our dedicated feature that enables users to track, break down, and prioritize their activities. Whether it’s daily routines, short-term objectives, or long-term aspirations, VELCOA ensures you have the tools to organize your work efficiently and achieve your goals in the ever-evolving music industry.

Music Industry


Gain a competitive edge with VELCOA’s industry-leading masterclass. Our platform provides all members with in-depth guides covering every facet of the music industry. From production to marketing, legal aspects to performance tips, our masterclass is your comprehensive resource. Also, it will enable you to stay informed and make confident decisions in your music career.

Notes Feature

Capture your ideas, create lists, and organize thoughts effortlessly with our intuitive Notes feature. Moreover, from simple notes to intricate sublists, VELCOA provides the flexibility to document and refine your creative process, ensuring that no idea is left unexplored.

So, ready to revolutionize your approach to the music industry? Join VELCOA today and experience the difference of a platform designed to empower, inspire, and also elevate your music career.

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