VELCOA For Creatives

VELCOA is a work management suite built purposely for creatives of all sectors. It is a powerful way to get more done and streamline your entire career. Not only does it enable you to work more efficiently but it provides you with solutions for many of the main pain points experienced by creatives working in the modern age.

VELCOA For Creatives

VELCOA Features


Every creative needs a dashboard to get an overall picture of where they are! The VELCOA dashboard makes it easy to pinpoint areas which attention such as an excessive task list which needs completing, or financials which need attention. However, it is not just about finding areas which are in need of action, the dashboard is also a central point for your entire creative career bringing you updates from the industry and more!


Connections are key if you work in the creative industry and the VELCOA inbox makes it easy to message members of VELCOA and friends in real-time. Also, pop up notifications are a built-in feature making sure that you never miss an all important message ever again.

Project Management

The creative industry is built on projects. As a result, chances are you will be working on many projects. Therefore, it is vital that you keep your project work organised and working for you as opposed to against you. This is where the VELCOA project manager comes into play. Leverage the many tools available such as checklist creation, activity timeline viewer, task management, goal tracking, financial tracking and note storage, plus more.