VAULT Festival Announces Spectacular Comeback with a Brand-New Venue in London!

After an eagerly awaited hiatus, the masterminds behind the UK’s premier independent festival of live performance, VAULT, are set to make a triumphant return. Brace yourselves as the creators reveal plans for an exciting new chapter in the heart of London, signaling the rebirth of VAULT Festival in autumn 2024!

Earlier this year, VAULT bid farewell to its decade-long run at the original venue, concluding the legendary VAULT Festival and embarking on a mission to unearth a new home. The buzz has now reached a crescendo as VAULT unveils a groundbreaking, multi-space venue that is destined to become a year-round haven for the arts. Scheduled to throw open its doors in Spring 2024, this venue will not only play host to the highly anticipated return of VAULT Festival but will also serve as a launchpad for an array of innovative creative ventures.

VAULT’s commitment to nurturing emerging talent takes center stage in this grand announcement. The new venue aims to provide a sustained and supportive environment for early career artists, offering them a platform to showcase their work. With an emphasis on diversity and representation, VAULT pledges to be a beacon for underrepresented artists who might not find such opportunities elsewhere.


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