Unforeseen Incident Forces Cancellation of Larry Hernández’s New Year’s Eve Concert in Tijuana

Larry Hernández’s highly anticipated New Year’s Eve concert in Tijuana, Mexico, was abruptly cancelled after three grenades were thrown outside the venue. The incident occurred at the Casa Blanca nightclub in eastern Tijuana, where the Los Angeles-born, Sinaloa-raised narcocorrido (drug ballad) singer was scheduled to perform.

Expressing deep regret and concern for the safety of his fans, Larry Hernández took to social media to address the unfortunate situation. In a video message, he stated, “Unfortunately, because of the events that just happened at the place where I was going to perform, it is impossible to do so. These are things that are out of one’s control, so I apologize and send you a hug.”

The cancellation comes as a shock to Hernández’s fans who were eagerly anticipating a memorable New Year’s Eve celebration with the renowned artist. The reasons behind the grenade attack remain unclear, and authorities are actively investigating the incident.

Photo credit: Herb Neufeld


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