TikTok’s “Add to Music” App Expands to Over 160 New Countries

Since its inception in 2023, TikTok has continuously revolutionized the way we engage with music, and now, it’s taking another giant leap forward. TikTok has just announced the global rollout of its innovative “Add to Music” app feature, extending its reach to over 160 new countries.

The “Add to Music” app, a game-changer in the music discovery realm, empowers users to seamlessly save the catchy tunes they stumble upon while scrolling through TikTok onto their preferred music streaming service (where available).

Here’s how it works: when users stumble upon a track that resonates with them on their “For You” feed, they’ll notice a new button labeled “Add Song” conveniently placed next to the track name. With just a tap, users can effortlessly save the song to the music streaming service of their choice.

Upon pressing “Add Song” for the first time, users can designate their preferred music platform. From there, the chosen track automatically finds its way into a default playlist on the selected streaming service. However, TikTok aficionados aren’t limited to just one playlist; they can opt to create new playlists or add the track to existing ones, tailoring their musical journey to their liking.

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