Live Music Scene
South Australia’s Live Music Scene Receives $850,000 Boost Through Government Grants for Small Venues

South Australia’s struggling live music industry is set to receive a much-needed cash injection of $850,000, courtesy of the government’s See It Live program. The initiative aims to breathe new life into the sector by offering $60,000 grants specifically tailored for smaller live music venues.

Arts Minister Andrea Michaels unveiled the grants as a targeted effort to support venues hosting original content, distinguishing it from larger festivals that often dominate the industry spotlight. The move comes in the wake of uncertainty surrounding the Vintage Vibes event, where ticketholders were left in limbo following its sudden postponement.

While the announcement has been met with a mix of optimism and skepticism, venue owner Craig Lock remains cautiously hopeful. He believes that the true impact of the financial injection will only become apparent over time, considering the industry’s existing challenges.


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