Sharleen Spiteri Reflects on Challenges and Triumphs in the Music Industry
Sharleen Spiteri Reflects on Challenges and Triumphs in the Music Industry

On the podcast “I Never Thought It Would Happen” hosted by the charity Help Musicians, Sharleen Spiteri, the frontwoman of the Scottish rock band Texas, bared the complexities she’s faced during her tenure in the limelight, shedding light on her turbulent relationship with the music industry.

Since the inception of Texas, Spiteri recounted encountering obstacles, notably on the day of the band’s first signing, when she was advised to alter her appearance and style. However, rather than succumbing to the pressures, Spiteri asserted that such critiques fortified her resolve, providing her with the courage to assertively decline conforming to industry standards.

According to Spiteri, although such critiques persist today, they are often veiled in subtlety, making them harder to discern. The Glasgow-born star, who ascended to fame in the 1980s, emphasized the pervasive nature of these comments while acknowledging the evolution of their delivery over time, describing them as “completely camouflaged” and “hidden really well.”

Amidst the challenges, Spiteri reminisced about the profound impact of Texas’s performance at Glastonbury 2023, a milestone she dubbed as “the best day” of her life. The experience not only revitalized the band but also bestowed upon them a newfound relevance. Spiteri expressed gratitude for the privilege of still resonating with audiences, as discussed in the latest podcast episode released on Tuesday.

Delving into her experience at Glastonbury, Spiteri expressed her overwhelming joy at the reception, confessing, “I didn’t think they were going to act the way they did.” Furthermore, she revealed how their set at the iconic festival catalyzed a shift, with contemporary artists like Fred Again incorporating Texas’s songs into their performances. Spiteri fondly recalled a pivotal moment when her daughter acknowledged her newfound coolness, marking a significant personal milestone.

Photo credit: Tore Sætre.

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