Rockvinyl Launches Crowdfunding Drive for New Vinyl Pressing Plant in Glasgow

The company building a new vinyl pressing plant in Glasgow, which boasts an impressive lineup of investors including key figures from the music industry and beyond, has announced the launch of a crowdfunding campaign to bolster its construction efforts.

Rockvinyl unveiled its plans today, revealing its ambition to raise £1.75 million in support of erecting a cutting-edge 7,000 square feet facility in Dalmarnock.

Heading the venture is managing director and shareholder David Brady, a seasoned professional with a background in graphic design and print. Brady is joined by a distinguished board of non-executive directors and investors, notably including Mark Mackie, the chief executive of renowned concert promoter Regular Music, and Mark Wilson, esteemed for his management roles with iconic Scottish bands Orange Juice, Trashcan Sinatras, and The Bluebells.

Among the notable investors is financier David Low, whose involvement dates back to his pivotal role in facilitating Fergus McCann’s acquisition of Celtic Football Club in the 1990s. Low, who also owns the esteemed Arlington bar in Glasgow, brings his wealth of experience and strategic insight to the project. Additionally, Peter McGowan and esteemed medical academic Denis Kinane round out the impressive roster of backers.

The establishment of Rockvinyl’s new pressing plant marks a significant stride in reviving the vinyl industry in Glasgow, contributing to the city’s vibrant music scene and bolstering its status as a cultural hub. With the support of passionate investors and music enthusiasts alike, Rockvinyl is poised to leave an indelible mark on the landscape of the music industry.

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