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Richard Stumpf Launches Hawkeye Music Publishing

Richard Stumpf, the esteemed CEO/Founder behind Atlas Music Publishing (HYBE US), President of Imagem Music, US (Concord), and SVP at Cherry Lane Music (BMG), has embarked on an exciting new journey with the launch of Hawkeye Music Publishing.

In a recent press release, Stumpf unveiled the mission of his latest venture, stating that Hawkeye Music Publishing aims to serve as a vital link, connecting relationship-driven catalog clients with its strategic partner Round Hill Music. Additionally, the company will forge close collaborations with active writers dedicated to crafting impactful and resonant musical works.

The impressive roster of advisors for Hawkeye Music Publishing includes renowned figures from various corners of the music industry. Among them is Ann Mincielli, a Grammy-winning engineer celebrated for her work with icons like Alicia Keys. Mincielli’s expertise promises invaluable insights into the artistic process and studio dynamics.

Furthermore, the team boasts the visionary minds behind influential initiatives such as She is The Music and Jungle Studios. Notable names like Josh Gruss, Founder and CEO of Round Hill Music, bring a wealth of experience in music publishing, while Sean Garrett, the prolific producer/songwriter behind hits for Usher and Beyonce, lends his creative prowess to the endeavor.

Other luminaries contributing to the advisory board include Barry Ehrmann, founder/video producer of Enliven Entertainment, with a portfolio spanning luminaries like Billy Joel, Lady Gaga, and Travis Scott. Brandon Young, Head of Music Affairs at Activision Blizzard, brings a unique perspective at the intersection of music and gaming, while Chris “Coach” Rodriguez, Assistant Program Director and Disc Jockey at 107.1 The Peak (NY), offers insights into radio programming and audience engagement.

The international dimension is enriched by Julio Guiu, President of Clipper’s Music Group in Spain, and Amy Berkholtz, a seasoned digital media strategist with a diverse background spanning entertainment, media, tech, and social impact.

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