Paloma Faith
Paloma Faith Considers Exiting Music Industry for Teaching Career

In a recent revelation, Paloma Faith, the soulful voice behind hits like “The Glorification Of ­Sadness,” has hinted at the possibility of bidding farewell to the music industry. The 42-year-old singer shared her contemplation during an episode of Jamie Laing’s Great Company podcast.

Paloma disclosed that she’s entertaining the idea of releasing one final album before redirecting her talents toward a different career path. Surprising many, she mentioned the prospect of becoming a teacher, a notion fueled in part by her mother, Pam Oakes-Ash. It seems Pam has been gently nudging Paloma towards the teaching profession, emphasizing the appeal of synchronized summer holidays with her children.

The singer, who is a mother to two daughters from her previous marriage to Leyman Lahcine, expressed her mother’s encouragement: “My mum’s always telling me I need to train to be a teacher.” Paloma further revealed, “She’s like, ‘You’ve had kids, you’ve done the pop star thing. Go and do PGCE [teacher training] because then you can have the same holidays as your kids.’ I’m considering it. I just might put one more record out.”

During the podcast, Paloma also candidly discussed the dissolution of her marriage to French artist Leyman, shedding light on personal aspects of her life beyond the spotlight.

As fans absorb the news, many are left pondering the potential shift in Paloma Faith’s career trajectory and eagerly await updates on her musical and professional endeavors.

Photo credit: Steven Leith.

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