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Music Venues Are In Desperate Need Of Help

After the lockout extension, a top music leader has repeated that venues throughout the UK are eager for additional government funding.

Mr Gregg said, “We were lucky enough to get funding from round one and round two of the cultural recovery fund but that runs out at the end of the month.”

“I am more down now than I have been throughout because the sector as a whole has been well supported and the Music Venue Trust has been fantastic in getting us that support but now we feel all that support is for nothing. The way the Government see it is it is another four weeks but if we are losing thousands each week you can’t carry on.”

“It is a long time and there is no certainty that the restrictions will be lifted in four weeks anyway. In March 2020 we were told it could be three weeks and here we are 17 months down the road.”

It is a massive blow to be closing the venues again. In a couple of weeks we have gone from massive optimism and looking forward to getting the whole thing going again to doom and gloom and people are wondering how long before we can get back to doing what we love doing.”

This news comes after countless festivals and venues have had to cancel more shows for the upcoming months.


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