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Music Industry Urged to Participate in Anonymous Survey to Combat Racism and Bullying

In a bold move towards addressing pervasive issues of racism, misogyny, and sexual harassment in the music industry, Black Lives In Music (BLiM) has launched an anonymous survey aimed at gathering crucial data on these systemic problems.

Following earlier research that uncovered shocking evidence of misogyny and sexual harassment, BLiM is now doubling down on its efforts to confront racism within the industry. The organization emphasizes that the information gathered through this survey will be instrumental in shaping its anti-racist code of conduct and will also be shared with governmental bodies like the Department of Culture, potentially influencing legislation.

Reports flooding in to BLiM include distressing testimonies of women feeling pressured to conform to certain dress codes at events, disturbing allegations of rape and sexual assault within music studios, and numerous accounts of racial and sexual discrimination.

Renowned singer-songwriter V V Brown has thrown her support behind the survey, recognizing it as a vital step towards eradicating discrimination, bullying, and harassment, especially targeting Black and POC individuals within the music industry.

Grammy award-winning songwriter Kamille, celebrated for her collaborations with industry giants like Dua Lipa and Little Mix, has bravely shared her own experiences of facing barriers in her career. She highlights the additional challenges faced by Black women in music, noting the negative labeling they often encounter when defending themselves against bullying.

The music industry is being called upon to stand in solidarity with these initiatives by participating in the anonymous survey, amplifying the voices of those who have endured discrimination and harassment. Together, we can work towards a more inclusive and equitable future for all within the realm of music.

Photo credit: Matt Batchelor.

You can carry out the survey here.

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