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Music Industry Unites: “Give an X” Urges 18-34-Year-Olds to Register for UK Mayoral Elections

In a harmonious call to action, the music industry is striking a chord with young adults, urging them to “Give an X” by registering to vote before the clock strikes 11:59AM today (April 16) for the upcoming UK Mayoral Elections next month.

Statistics reveal a staggering truth: while six million vibrant souls immersed themselves in the pulsating rhythms of festivals and electronic music events last year, an equivalent number neglected to register their vote in the last Mayoral Election.

In a resounding effort to bridge this gap, a constellation of UK-based festivals, electronic acts, publications, and nightlife venues have penned an open letter, rallying their communities to seize their electoral power.

Among the illustrious signatories lending their voices to the cause are luminaries such as Annie Mac, the dynamic duo BICEP, the trailblazing AVA Festival, the iconic Mixmag, the avant-garde Block9, the electric vibes of The Cause, the transcendent sounds of HAAi, the empowering Foundation FM, and a plethora of other esteemed names.

This collective resonance underscores the transformative potential when artistry and activism intertwine, amplifying the heartbeat of democracy. Let’s make our voices heard, let’s give an X, and let’s shape the future together.

Photo credit: Descrier.

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