Music Board
Music Board To Aid The Industry’s Post-Lockdown Recovery

A group of music industry professionals in the West Midlands have banded together to help the county’s music sector rebound after the COVID-19 lockout. The board will plan how to get more music played nationally and regionally, bringing more attention to the region.

Lady Leshur is one of several artists that have praised the concept, saying: “There is an amazing music scene in the West Midlands, and we need to shout about it more. We need investment, training and opportunities for our talent to breakthrough. It’s great to see this board come together to make that happen.”

Lawrence Barton, Danni Brownsill, Guy Dunstan, Bobby Friction, Holly Hollister, Pete Jordan, Alicja Kaczmarek, Lisa Meyer, Sarah Morgan, Nick Reed, Reuben Reynolds, Despa Robinson, and Louise Stamp are among the members of the board.


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