Lizzo Clarifies “I Quit” Statement: Affirms Commitment to Music and Positivity

After stirring concerns among fans and media alike with her recent “I quit” statement posted on Instagram, Lizzo has taken to social media once again to clarify her position. The Grammy-winning artist, known for her empowering messages and infectious energy, addressed the issue head-on, reaffirming her dedication to music and spreading positivity.

In a heartfelt video shared on Instagram, Lizzo expressed, “I want to make this video because I just need to clarify – when I say I quit, I mean I quit giving any negative energy attention.” She emphasized her unwavering commitment to the joy of making music and connecting with people, acknowledging the struggle many face with negative thoughts and voices.

“What I’m not going to quit is the joy of my life which is making music, which is connecting with people because I know I’m not alone,” Lizzo stated. She highlighted the importance of standing up against negativity and empowering others to do the same, recognizing the impact of her platform.

Reflecting on the outpouring of love and support she received, Lizzo expressed gratitude to her fans, saying, “Once again I just want to say thank you. The love that I’ve received means more than you know.” Her message resonated deeply with followers who admire her resilience and authenticity.

Lizzo initially sparked concern with her candid post on March 29, where she opened up about feeling discouraged by negative attention and false narratives surrounding her. However, her subsequent clarification reassured fans that she remains steadfast in her mission to spread joy through her music and uplift others.

The “Good as Hell” singer’s transparency and determination serve as a powerful reminder of the importance of self-care and resilience in the face of adversity. As she continues her musical journey, Lizzo’s unwavering positivity continues to inspire countless individuals worldwide.

In a world often clouded by negativity, Lizzo’s message of self-love and empowerment shines brightly, reminding us all to embrace our true selves and stand up against the forces that seek to dim our light.

Lizzo’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of music and the resilience of the human spirit. As she forges ahead, her unwavering commitment to positivity serves as a beacon of hope for fans around the globe.

Photo credit: Andy Witchger.

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