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How Caribbean Artists Are Dominating the Music Industry – Inside the Island Music Conference!

The Island Music Conference, an annual gathering held in Kingston, Jamaica, has transformed into a vibrant hub for various stakeholders within the Caribbean music industry to thrive and prosper. Led by the iconic Caribbean musician Orville “Shaggy” Burrell and spearheaded by Judith Bodley and Sharon Burke, the IMC serves as a beacon of unparalleled knowledge and networking opportunities for those striving to make their mark in the music business.

The recent installment of the conference featured a diverse array of panels addressing pertinent topics reflective of the current music landscape. Discussions ranged from artist management and the emergence of generative AI to the exploration of new music genres across the Caribbean. Panels also delved into practical aspects such as navigating YouTube, acquiring record deals, mastering digital marketing strategies, and crafting impactful music videos.

One notable voice at the conference was Amanda Agyapong, a YouTube community partner manager deeply involved in fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. Agyapong highlighted the significance of reaching Caribbean audiences, recognizing a gap in representation within YouTube’s creator community. She emphasized the potential for Caribbean creators to tap into the substantial revenue streams within the music industry, citing a staggering $6 billion payout last year alone.

“As a community manager on YouTube Shorts, I also manage a ton of the DEI initiatives that we do, and with it being Black History Month, I realized that there’s a space for us to reach a Caribbean audience,” Agyapong shared. “There’s so much money out there. If I can give anybody out there information for how to get a piece of that pie, then I’m doing my job.”

The Island Music Conference continues to serve as a vital platform for fostering collaboration, knowledge exchange, and economic empowerment within the Caribbean music industry. As stakeholders from across the region come together to learn, grow, and synergize, the IMC remains instrumental in propelling the vibrant cultural tapestry of Caribbean music onto the global stage.

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