Government Rejects Recommendations to Protect Women in Music Industry

Despite mounting pressure from the creative industries watchdog CIISA and a chorus of female voices within the sector, the Government has rebuffed key recommendations aimed at safeguarding women in the music industry from harassment and discrimination.

In a response to WEC’s (Women and Equalities Committee) groundbreaking January report on ‘Misogyny in Music’, the Government acknowledged the necessity for a workplace free from misogyny and discrimination. However, it fell short of embracing the comprehensive reforms proposed by the cross-party Committee.

WEC’s report highlighted the pervasive nature of misogyny and discrimination faced by women in music, particularly those navigating the freelance landscape characterized by power imbalances. Among the recommendations were amendments to the Equality Act to extend protections to freelance workers, the imposition of a duty on employers to shield workers from third-party sexual harassment, and reforms concerning non-disclosure agreements (NDAs).

While the Government recognized the importance of the Committee’s inquiry in amplifying industry concerns, it expressed reluctance to adopt certain measures. Specifically, it declined to implement the dual discrimination provision in the Equality Act and hesitated to impose a retrospective moratorium on NDAs, citing potential unintended consequences.

The response drew criticism for its failure to address the urgent need for systemic change in an industry marred by gender-based discrimination. Despite assurances of continued engagement with CIISA, the Government’s stance raises doubts about its commitment to fostering an inclusive and equitable music industry.

As voices within the sector continue to call for action, the debate over protecting women in music rages on, underscoring the imperative for substantive reforms to ensure a safer and more equitable workplace for all.

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