Alain Chamfort
BMG Secures Iconic Catalog and Future Collaborations with Alain Chamfort

BMG has successfully acquired the recorded catalog of Alain Chamfort, the revered French pop singer and composer renowned for timeless hits like “Manureva,” “La Fièvre Dans Le Sang,” and “Géant.”

This strategic deal encompasses a staggering 13 albums from Chamfort’s illustrious career, a significant portion of the 21 albums he has released since the early 1970s, spanning live performances and compilations. Included in the acquisition are gems such as “Poses,” “Amour Année Zéro,” “Tendres Fièvres,” and “Secrets Glacés,” all of which have contributed to Chamfort’s enduring legacy.

Notably, this collaboration extends beyond the archives, as Alain Chamfort has inked a new recording deal with BMG for his upcoming musical endeavors. Fans can anticipate an exciting project on the horizon, as Chamfort teams up with the multitalented singer, songwriter, and producer Sébastien Tellier for an EP titled “Alain Chamfort produit par Sébastien Tellier.” This highly anticipated collaboration is set to hit the airwaves in January 2024, promising a musical experience that merges Chamfort’s distinctive style with Tellier’s creative prowess.

Photo credit: Sylvain lasco.


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