2023 Music Streaming Report Reveals Surprising Trends
2023 Music Streaming Report Reveals Surprising Trends

In a groundbreaking revelation, a recent study conducted by Luminate, a music consumption measurement company with over 30 years of experience, has uncovered some intriguing insights into the world of music streaming. According to the 2023 Luminate year-end report, approximately 25% of music available on streaming services went unheard throughout the entire year.

Helena Kosinski, Luminate’s VP Head of Global, unveiled the comprehensive visual year-end report, providing an in-depth analysis of key figures and trends that defined the music industry in 2023. One of the standout revelations was the revelation that only 10 songs from 2023 managed to amass over a billion streams globally, underlining the competitive nature of the streaming landscape.

The report delved into the concept of “ISRCs” (International Standard Recording Codes), shedding light on their overall availability and consumption. This crucial metric offers insights into the utilization of individual music tracks across various streaming platforms.


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