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Boomplay And Merlin
Boomplay And Merlin Agree To Licencing Agreement Expansion

Boomplay, Africa’s popular music streaming service, and Merlin expand their licencing deal to include 47 new African countries.

Phil Choi from Boomplay said: “As our user base and service grows rapidly across the continent, it’s important that we have the right partners to continue on this journey with us, and to grow and support the local music industry.”

“As the world leader in independent music rights, we’re delighted that Merlin shares the same vision as us, and together with Boomplay’s advantages in the digital music sector and Merlin’s top-quality catalogue of songs, we can look forward to a striving music eco-system for many years to come.”

CD Baby
CD Baby Pays Out More Than $1 Billion To Artists

Since its founding in 1998, CD Baby, the music distributor owned by Downtown Music Holdings, has reportedly paid out more than $1 billion to musicians.

Andrew Bergman from, Downtown said: “As business partners since 2014, we appreciated the depth of CD Baby’s organization and its incredibly loyal client base, two key drivers of our acquisition. Unique in the industry, they have long understood that not all creators are the same, each having their own story, ambition and art to share.”

“With CD Baby now leveraging resources across Downtown’s platform, including technology, royalty collection, global licensing operations and capital, we are able to drive equity and innovation to all creators at an accelerated pace.”

Bruce Springsteen
Bruce Springsteen Sells Music Catalog For $550 Million

The purchase of music catalogues is becoming the equivalent of premier league clubs purchasing the world’s best footballers; the money spent is out of this planet!

Furthermore, Sony Music Entertainment has purchased Bruce Springsteen’s music rights for a whopping 550 million dollars! Although we do not know the ins and outs of the deal, insiders revealed the amount, and Sony also stated: “The agreement involves two separate deals — one for Springsteen’s recorded work and another for his songwriting rights, known as music publishing.”

Warner Pay $400 Million
Warner Pay $400 Million To Acquire 300 Entertainment

Warner Music Group recently purchased 300 Entertainment from Kevin Liles, and it has emerged that the record company paid $400 million in cash for the label.

Kevin Liles founded 300 Entertainment in 2021, with former Warner Music staffer Lyor Cohen working alongside him.

Apple Staff
Apple Staff To Work Remotely Indefinitely

In February, Apple employees, including those who work in Apple Music, will no longer be expected to return to the office.

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, indicated that staff would be permitted to work from home ‘indefinitely,’ with a ‘yet-to-be-determined’ return date.

Also, all of its corporate employees will receive $1,000 to purchase work equipment for their homes.

430 Songs Hit Over 1 Billion Video Views On TikTok

In 2021, TikTok was a breakthrough year for music, with over 430 songs surpassing 1 billion video views.

TikTok’s Global Head of Music, Ole Obermann, said: “TikTok opens the door to new artists, new sounds, underground and DIY scenes as well as the classic hits, connecting them with a global audience and passionate music community like never before.”

The Music Industry
The Music Industry Commits To Net-Zero Emissions By 2050

The world’s most well-known record companies, such as Sony, Universal, and Warner, are joining independents in signing climate schemes that will allow for a more sustainable future by 2050.

There are presently two schemes, the Science-Based Targets and the SME Climate Community, and large corporations are signing on to them.

Universal Music Group
Universal Music Group Enters The NFT Market

With their latest announcement that they will develop ‘Virtual Identities,’ Universal is paving the road forward in the NFT space.

The flagship label will team up with Genies, the avatar tech company, for their project, and they also state they will create NFTs for their artists.

Celine Joshua from Universal said: “UMG continues to lead and unlock what is possible with Web 3.0 and virtual economies. With our Genies partnership, we created an ideal framework and toolkit to empower our artists in the evolving digital universe.”

Symphonic Distribution
Symphonic Distribution Announce New VP Of Product

According to recent reports, Ali Lieberman will join Symphonic Distribution as Vice President of Product.

Speaking about the new appointment, Ali said: I’m thrilled to join the team at Symphonic and am very impressed with the high-quality services they offer creators. I can’t wait to build some really cool products with talented people that will further the success of Symphonic and our artists.”

Symphonic Distribution, situated in the United States, is a digital music distributor.

Spotify For Artists
Spotify For Artists Now Available In 16 New Languages

Following Spotify’s growth into a slew of new nations, the streaming firm has added 16 more languages to its Spotify For Artists platform.

Spotify said: “Until now, Spotify for Artists has only spoken one language.” However, this is now about to change.

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