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Warner Music Leaders
Why Has Warner Music Been Making So Many Leader Changes?

Warner Music has recently changed several senior executives, leaving many people perplexed as to why.

When asked about the strategy, Warner’s Simon Robson said:

“In an environment where the music business is both more globalised than ever and hyper-localised at the same time, our international leadership team positions us brilliantly for our next phase of growth. And we’re super excited about the new executives we’ve brought in and promoted. One of Warner Music’s strengths is how we look at artists’ careers as global from day one, and with our network of expertise around the world we deliver maximum impact for talent.”

“These individual leadership changes in our different territories have each been based on unique circumstances. And each of the leaders who have left, or are leaving, do so with our immense gratitude for their amazing contributions over many years. They all care deeply about their teams and our artists and they’ve partnered with their successors to make the transitions go smoothly.”

Linktree Music
Linktree Expands With Music Link Feature

With its music link capability, Linktree will integrate with Songlink/Odesli. The new feature will give musicians more chances to grow on streaming platforms and provide music lovers with additional options to discover new songs.

CEO of Linktree, Alex Zaccaria, said: “Before co-founding Linktree, my brother Anthony and I spent a lot of time helping artists grow their audiences and establish their digital presence, having come from three generations of family-run music businesses.”

“Our acquisition of Songlink/Odesli and the launch of Music Links solves these challenges that so many in the music industry face by allowing them to seamlessly promote music and reach a global fanbase through an enhanced streaming experience.”

“Linktree continues to evolve to meet the needs of all creators and help them connect with a diverse range of audiences.”

China To Ban Music Which Insults Others At Karaoke Venues

Insulting lyrics do not sit well with China. As a result, the government has decided to prohibit all disparaging music from being played in its karaoke establishments.

The government will conduct inspections and spot checks to ensure that venues comply with the new rule, which will take effect in October.

Therefore, if you are a musician looking to make it in China? Please keep it clean.

Spotify To Buy Back $1 Billion Of Stock From Shareholders

Spotify has begun repurchasing $1 billion in stock from its shareholders.

One of the reasons Spotify may repurchase its stock is because it believes it is undervalued and has a lot of room for growth in the future.

Paul Vogel, CFO at Spotify, said: “This announcement demonstrates our confidence in Spotify’s business and the growth opportunities we see over the long term.”

Tunecore UK
Tunecore UK Gets A New Head

Tunecore have announced a new head for its UK operations. Furthermore, Sarah Wilson will take over the giant distribution platform and have more oversight in Ireland, NZ, and Australia.

Sarah Wilson said: “I am thrilled to take on this wonderful role at TuneCore, a dynamic and future-facing company.”

“Coming off the back of a growth phase during lockdown there is so much potential for continued expansion in the territories I’m overseeing.”

“I expect the current business landscape to change rapidly over the next few years. I’m grateful to Faryal and the team at TuneCore/Believe for inviting me into their fold and can’t wait to dive in!”

Distrokid Valuation
Distrokid Welcomes Valuation Of $1.3 Billion

Distrokid, the music distributor popular with independent labels and musicians, has received a $1.3 billion investment from Insight Partners.

Philip Kaplan, the company’s founder and CEO, said: “Our growth has been wild, but the mission hasn’t changed. Most of all, we’re incredibly honored and thankful for every artist who’s chosen DistroKid to be a part of their journey.”

“I’m excited to partner with Insight Partners as we continue building amazing things to help musicians and empower creators worldwide.”

Body Image And The Music Industry
Photo Credit: Andy Witchger | Licence

Lizzo recently spoke with Zane Lowe on body image in the music industry.

The singer said: “I feel like fat is the worst thing people can say about me at this point. This is the biggest insecurity. It’s like, ‘How dare a pop star be fat?’ I had to own that.”

“I feel like other people who were put on that pedestal, or who become pop stars, probably have other insecurities or have other flaws, but they can hide it behind a veneer of being sexy and being marketable.”

AEG Will Require All Fans To Have A Covid-19 Vaccination

AEG, one of the world’s most prominent concert organisers, has announced that all concert attendees will be required to provide proof of vaccination before entering a venue.

According to AEG, the regulation will be in force no later than October of this year, giving music lovers plenty of time to acquire the vaccine before upcoming performances.

Chairman and CEO of AEG presents, Jay Marciano, said: “We have come to the conclusion that, as a market leader, it was up to us to take a real stand on vaccination status.”

Live Promoter
Live Promoter Expresses Emotions After Live Gigs Return

A Belfast live music promoter has expressed his delight at returning live performances following a two-year hiatus due to COVID-19.

The Custom House Square booker, said: “We haven’t done an outdoor show on this site for two years now, so to be here today, gearing up for this show, is a really big deal.”

“Already there is a queue of people getting vaccinations done and to be honest, it’s pretty emotional to be back and to see everyone hard at work and feeling so excited about the opening show.”

“I’ve been doing this now for 16 years but some of the people on site have been doing it for 40 years. The biggest problem for us over the last year and a half has been that we wanted to work and weren’t able to.”

“We love what we do and get enjoyment and dignity from our work, so it was very difficult to have that taken away from us.”

Sony Music Germany
Sony Music Germany Buys Stake In Kids Entertainment Company

Sony Music Germany has announced a new stake in Tiger Media International GmbH. It will enable Sony to expand in the domains of children’s entertainment, and the new investment will aid their long-term strategic plans.

Sony Music Germany’s Patrick Mushatsi-Kareba said: “Together, we are developing a direct-to-consumer business channel which enables us to directly access our main target group, parents and children.”

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